Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers
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  • Nearly 13,000 Hyperbaric Chambers sold and delivered to date!
  • Perfect Safety Record with over 25 years’ Experience!
  • #1 Global leader in Mild Portable Hyperbaric Chambers!

Vitaeris 320

Most Popular Flagship  Chamber

Our largest professional portable hyperbaric chamber that comfortably seats two people. Ease of use and basic maintenance makes the Vitaeris 320 the perfect top-of-the range chamber.

Quamvis 320

Newest and most innovative design

Our newest and most innovative design, pressure tested beyond 30 psi, is the most secure, portable soft-walled chamber on the market. Practical for clinical and underwater medicine use.

Respiro 270

Perfect for clinic or home use

Spacious yet small enough to fit into any room. Able to stretch out freely, occupants will enjoy the freedom of movement inside this portable chamber for a pleasant and comfortable treatment.
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OxyHealth Portable Hyperbaric Chambers - used in Medicine, Aesthetics, Sports and at Home

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is an outstanding all natural therapy with no side effects for a wide range of traumatic, acute, chronical and infections conditions, anti-aging and sports injury. There is no other anti-aging therapy that is so effortless and yet so effective which helps battle the signs of aging, improves sexual function, reduces stress and boosts the immune system! For more information click on the icons.

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Medical Conditions


Sports Medecine

Home Use
“OxyHealth sold more chambers, and more treatments are administered in OxyHealth chambers, than in the chambers of all other manufacturers combined! ”

Benefits of OxyHealth Chambers



Inflated chamber environment is fire safe and non-flammable.


No additional expenses of oxygen tanks. Just plug into 220 volt outlet.


Manufactured to the highest FDA safety and quality standards.


13,000 chambers sold, #1 chamber used by Doctors & clinics.

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