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With a flawless safety record, OxyHealth chambers are fully approved for home use. OxyHealth portable hyperbaric chambers incorporate a unique 'flow-through' system that continuously flushes ambient air through the chamber environment, combined with many other fail-safe redundancy features that also regulate the pressure which result in a no risk environment to the occupant. Any OxyHealth chamber at home is the best natural way to strengthen the immune system of the whole family. There are no consumables, only a 220v socket is required.

An OxyHealth chamber at home will provide:

• Affordable and Easily Available Treatment for the Whole Family

• Family Members may get Daily Treatments

• Saves Time Going to the Clinic

• Saves Money on Long Term Clinical Uses 

• Strengthens the Immune System

• Detoxifies

• Relieves Stress

• Improves Sleep 

• Improves the Skin

• Increases Energy Levels 

• Improves Concentration

• Improves School and Work Performance