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Internationally patented, the chamber design is simple and effective. Using urethane-coated nylon bonded with proprietary steel-weld technology and a dual-zipper seal, OxyHealth engineers have produced a unique chamber that is safe and effective. The Mild HBOT chamber line is completely portable and can even fit into two carry bags. 

Setup is quick and simple. In as little as 15 minutes, the chamber can be unpacked, tested and ready for treatment.

To specifically avoid the downfalls of 'static, oxygen filled portable chambers,' OxyHealth portable hyperbaric chambers incorporate a unique 'flow-through' system that continuously flushes ambient air through the chamber environment resulting in a no risk environment to the occupant. This is primarily why OxyHealth chambers are fully approved for home use, with many other fail-safe redundancy features that also regulate the pressure. Nearly 11,000 chambers are in service today with a flawless safety record. The portable chamber line is classified as a Class II Medical Device that has CE certification and is FDA approved for use in hospitals, clinics, spas, sub-acute care and home use.

All OxyHealth Chamber packages include the following:

• 4 psi (1,3 ATA) portable mild hyperbaric chamber 

• Designed for improved airflow through chamber

• Rigid frame maintains form when deflated

• Tamper-proof redundant pressure regulators

• Medical Pass-through - facilitates external device hookup

• Clean air compressor - double head, oil-less, dual intake filters

• High efficiency in-line filtration system - filters to 0.01 microns

• Bolster set - cradles and stabilizes chamber when inflated

• Custom mattress - contoured to fit inside the chamber

• Chamber carry bag

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